A bunch of advertising networks are getting into a little fun with their ads.

Reddit /u/papapablog – April 10, 2019 10:18:22When it comes to ads, some are trying to take a page out of Google’s book, others are trying something a little more original.

Here are 10 of the most creative ads we’ve seen so far.1.

Facebook advertising network ‘The Hub’The Hub” is a group of Facebook advertising networks who all agree to a strict set of rules that will dictate what they’re allowed to post and what they can’t. 

The Hub advertises to users who are either ‘friends’ or ‘likes’ of ‘The Daily News’ (TNT) in a video that shows a number of celebrities in front of a photo of a man holding a baseball bat.

The Hub then uses the video to make money through advertisements that show people using the bat and their friends as a backdrop to the video. 

This isn’t the first time the network has used the bat.

They’ve done this before.

In December, the network used a video from the Daily News to promote their new product.

In January, they used a similar video to promote an ad on Instagram. 


Instagram ad network “The Daily”A few months ago, the Instagram ad networks ‘TheDaily News’ and ‘TheHub’ posted similar video ads on Instagram that showed people in front the iconic photograph of President Donald Trump. 

In both cases, the ad networks claimed that they were promoting themselves, their brands and products, but they were using the Trump image in the video as the backdrop. 

Their first ad was widely mocked. 

But the network’s second video was much more controversial, and resulted in a barrage of angry comments on the social network. 


Google ad network ‘Halo’Google’s ad networks are all about making money through the power of search. 

Halo has had its own advertising network since 2012, but it’s only recently started to add other ad networks and networks to its roster. 

A lot of the networks are focusing on a certain niche and their advertising is aimed at specific groups. 

For example, they’re targeting millennials, with ads targeting teens, teens and millennials. 


AOL ad network An ad from AOL is seen in front a group photo of people holding a phone, while other ads in front show people in different poses. 

According to a spokesperson for AOL, the ads are meant to appeal to both the millennial demographic and people who are interested in being connected with the Internet. 


Snapchat ad network Snapchat is an ad network focused on younger people. 

Snapchat has long been known for its Snapchat Stories. 

Many of the ads on the network are aimed at young people who have been interested in following their favorite celebrities and celebrities. 


Facebook ad network Facebook is known for building brands and advertising on its platforms, and the ad network that the social media company is using to target these ads is called The Daily News. 


Instagram ads network Instagram has been around for a few years now, and it’s often said that the network makes money from ads on its platform. 

Its ads can be viewed by anyone with an account. 


Yahoo ad network Yahoo is one of the largest ad networks on the Internet, and their ads are often seen in many of the same places that Facebook’s ad network is. 9.

Google Ad Network Google’s ad ad network has been on top of the charts for some time. 

It has more than 2.7 billion ad impressions per month, and its ad network offers advertisers a range of advertising formats. 


AOL ads network AOL is one the biggest ad networks in the world, and many people are familiar with its ad networks. 

Some of its ads can even be seen in the Facebook ads network.

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