A report says Israel is using Google ads to target Palestinians

An Israeli parliamentary committee has published a report on Israeli use of Google ads and network advertising in the West Bank and Gaza to target Palestinian communities and individuals.

The report, which was commissioned by the parliamentary defense committee, was commissioned after the Israeli government accused the Palestinian Authority of failing to enforce its ad-blocking laws in order to protect Israel’s security.

The committee said that Israeli authorities use Google ads on the internet to target the Palestinian community and to prevent the development of the local Palestinian economy, which the report said is threatened by the use of network advertising.

“The Palestinian Authority, through its networks and companies, is the main driver of the Palestinian economy in the occupied territories,” the report stated.

“These networks and the companies which have used them have the capability of tracking the location of the individuals who visit their websites, as well as the location and movements of the people who visit them, and they also control their movements through the networks they control.”

The committee’s report, entitled “The use of the internet by Israeli security forces against the Palestinian people,” was based on documents provided by the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The report said that the IDF, which is responsible for the security of Israel, has used the internet for this purpose.

The IDF has also used the Internet to target its soldiers and civilians and to monitor their movements, the report states.

Israel has previously used network advertising to target Muslim communities and Palestinian residents in order, in part, to protect its own security, according to a study by the Jerusalem-based Electronic Intifada.

The Electronic Intfaita said that since the 1990s, Israeli police have used “unlawful search and seizure operations” to target and arrest Palestinians and Muslim citizens of Israel.

It also alleged that the Israeli military had used “illegal military raids” to “mislead the Palestinians” and to “influence their decisions” in the public sphere.

The Israeli military denied the use by the military of network advertisements and denied any wrongdoing.

The military said in a statement that the ads were “a part of the efforts to combat terrorism.”

The Electronic Intelligence Center said in its report that it found evidence of network ads being used to target people in the Hebron area, where the Gaza Strip is located, and the West Jerusalem area, which includes East Jerusalem.

The center said that in some cases, these ads were sent to people who are unable to get through the normal channels, such as social media, so that they could be targeted by the IDF.

The center noted that some of the Israeli ads were also sent to individuals who were not Palestinians, but were not identified as such, so they could not be identified as targeted at that particular group.

The EIC said that it had received reports of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem being targeted for similar purposes.

A separate report published by the Electronic Intiatives Center last year found that the Palestinian leadership had been using network ads to promote the government and to discredit those who oppose it.

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