Advertisers are not going to be able to afford to pay more for content, research shows

Posted January 04, 2020 14:24:00The amount of advertising dollars spent on content is not going up.

It’s not going down.

And it’s not changing.

Advertisers will continue to pay for the same type of content on the internet as they did last year, and that’s not an indication that things are going to change anytime soon, says John Hogg, the co-author of the research.

“It’s not necessarily the case that the advertising industry is not in a position to pay a premium for more content,” Hogg says.

“Advertiser demand for content has gone up significantly in the past decade, but that demand is not being met by content producers.”

In fact, the advertising market is more fragmented than it was in 2015, so there are fewer people who have access to content they are interested in.

“It’s the second research that Hogg has done.

The first was in 2016, when he looked at what’s going on with the ad spend on television shows.”

We found that the demand for TV advertising was growing and growing, so it’s definitely not surprising that the content producers are trying to grow the market, too,” Higgs says.

The first Hogg looked at was television, where ad spend grew at a rate of about 1 per cent a year from 2010 to 2020.

The data shows that the market has been shrinking for about a decade, so he thinks the content industry has been caught flat-footed.”

You’re seeing some very big declines in TV advertising revenues,” he says.

And while that’s good news for the content companies, it’s bad news for consumers, because the ad dollars they’re spending on advertising are being diverted to pay off debt from the last two recessions, and consumers are not spending as much as they used to.”

That’s really what’s happening, because consumers are paying down their debt and paying less,” Higg says.

He says that’s been the case for some time.”

People who have debt are paying less for their household income, and they’re paying less on their mortgages,” he explains.”

And those two things have been very significant in terms of the economic impact on households and households paying more for things.

“Hogg says there are three main reasons that consumers are spending less on advertising.”

The first is they’re not spending on the kind of content that is going to make them happy,” he adds.”

They’re spending less in a way that they’re actually happy with the quality of the advertising, and the ads that they see are not really engaging with them.

“So they’re being turned off by the content.

The second is that they are seeing fewer ads because they’re less likely to spend money in the first place.”

This is a problem for advertisers because they don’t want to spend a lot of money on advertising, says Hogg.

“What they want to do is spend money that is more effective for them and they will be able make money from the ads.

But they’re also having less of a positive experience when they see ads,” he points out.

Hogg also found that more and more of the money spent on advertising is being redirected to debt.

The amount spent on debt has gone from about 1.5 per cent in 2015 to less than 0.5 in 2020, according to Hogg’s data.

This is the time of the Great Recession, and there were more consumer debt defaults than there were during the peak of the recession, when people were buying houses and cars and other assets with their own money.

The last time Hogg saw this kind of data was back in 2015.

He says the amount of debt that was being serviced increased substantially from the peak.

The third reason that consumers spend less is because they are less interested in ads that are more engaging with their content.

“For consumers, advertising on TV is a very simple proposition,” he said.

“When you’re watching a TV show, there’s a simple picture, and you’re not really looking for much else to engage with.”

In fact when you watch a TV program, most of the time, the main point of the show is to be entertaining, and to make you laugh.

“But it’s also a way to sell things,” he explained.

“If you’re going to watch a lot more TV, you’re probably not going have that in mind.

So the idea that there’s something really exciting that’s going to entertain you, it’ll just be an advertisement.”

Higgs says that is one of the reasons why content producers can’t keep up with the times.

“There’s no way that a content producer can keep up to the speed of the internet,” he noted.

“We’re seeing that as we move away from the internet and the television, content producers will have to move to other means to get

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