Adware malware to cause $150,000 in damages in US – US Federal Bureau of Investigation

A new strain of adware dubbed Adware is now causing $150.00 in damages to people who use it on the Windows PC platform, according to research by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

Adware 5 is a variant of adblockers that are also called “malware” because they block advertisements from being displayed on the internet.

It was developed by a Chinese group called CyberGhost, and was recently spotted by the FBI.

According to the FBI, the malware can be downloaded by tricking people into downloading it.

It then infects a victim’s Windows system and installs adware, which then steals personal information.

The FBI says the malware causes the victim to lose control of their computers for up to five minutes, with a variety of attacks ranging from “robbing computers of sensitive data, stealing bank account information, and stealing credit card numbers”.

In some cases, the infected system will prompt users to install other software, including adware.

In addition to the $150 damage figure, the FBI said the malware may have caused a “significant” amount of data loss because it was able to download and install other programs.

“It can also cause significant data loss if it infects multiple victims at the same time,” it said.

The malware is also known as Adblock Plus, and it has a new name that appears to be a different version of Adblock, with “plus” appearing instead of “a”.

“It is possible that this is the same Adblock version as that used to infect many PCs in the recent adware campaign,” the FBI says.

“The malware also appears to have modified the code that is used to run it, and this has been modified as well.”

The FBI did not provide a list of affected computers, but it said a “large number” of computers were infected in the affected regions.

In a blog post, CyberGhost said it is “extremely sorry” for the damage to affected computers.

“Unfortunately, this attack has compromised the computers of millions of people, and we are committed to restoring their computers as soon as possible,” it wrote.

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