Brighthouse Networks’ ‘The Starters’ is airing in 2018

Updated September 24, 2018 11:19:17Brighthouse Networks, which produces The Starters, is bringing its original scripted series to CBS.

The network is launching The Starter, a series that will run on CBS’ digital platforms.

Brighthouse says that the show will include an original series co-creator, executive producers, and stars, including Kevin Costner, Amy Sedaris, Matt Walsh, and others.

The show will also include original series stars, such as Jason Sudeikis, John Cusack, and Miley Cyrus.

Brighthouse also recently announced that it is developing its own scripted series, The Stars, which will be developed with The Hollywood Reporter.

The first half of the series will be produced by Brighthouse and will premiere on CBS in 2018.

The second half will be co-produced by Brisket and Brighthouse.

The series will follow a group of young adults who are introduced to Brighthouse, a high-tech, high-end, all-inclusive entertainment company that offers both a high quality of life experience and a quality of entertainment.

The program will explore Brighthouse’s values of community and inclusion, and will follow the lives of a diverse group of individuals who share the same values and ideals.

The Starrs will premiere in 2018 on CBS.

Brisket also announced that Brighthouse is also working on a scripted series with the writer/director of the award-winning comedy, The Social Network.

The project, which has not yet been announced, will explore the lives and relationships of a group in the social network and is based on a true story.

The Starrs executive producers are Kevin Costners, Matt Damon, and Amy Sedars.

Brisker said that the project will be a continuation of the successful Brighthouse series that was a hit in the summer of 2018.

Brittney Larkin, Briskerts Chief Content Officer, said that Briskitts goal is to create original programming that will reach a larger audience than any other network in the country.

“Briskert’s mission is to deliver quality programming for our viewers,” Larkin said.

“With Brighthouse we’re able to offer viewers the best quality content possible, which is what we’re known for.

We want to be a place where we’re always adding value to our customers and to our audience, and this series is the first step in that journey.”

The first season of Briskett’s new scripted series is expected to debut in 2018, and Briskestat says that there will be more to come.

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