Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks to investors, tech industry,taxes

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg is set to speak to investors at an event on Wednesday in San Francisco.

The event will be the company’s first public event since he announced a series of tax increases, which Zuckerberg called “a big step forward” on Wednesday.

The announcement of the new tax rate was seen as a major blow to Zuckerberg’s attempts to convince the public that Facebook is a good place to work and to raise more money.

Zuckerberg has argued that his new tax plan is a boon to the company and its employees, and the announcement comes just two days after he gave a speech at a conference organized by tech leaders that also included Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The move comes as Zuckerberg continues to defend his plan, arguing that he will make the new taxes revenue-neutral.

“The fact that this was an idea from the very beginning is what really matters,” Zuckerberg said.

“There’s a difference between a good idea and a good plan.

I don’t care how much money I get or how many people I meet, I don of course not care about what happens with those.”

Zuckerberg’s plan would require that businesses with 50 or more employees pay $25,000 a year to the government.

Zuckerberg’s announcement follows a string of other changes to his company’s tax system over the past year.

A federal court ruled last week that Facebook must pay back more than $1 billion in taxes.

In addition, a federal judge ordered that Facebook pay more than 30 million people back their taxes, including nearly 4 million in California.

Zuckerberg has been criticized by other tech CEOs for his corporate social responsibility efforts and for not doing more to help people struggling to pay the bills.

He has defended the company as an important part of the economy and argued that it has been the “lucky one” in that it provides jobs and a way for its users to live their lives.

Zuckerberg announced in December that the company would end its payouts to the federal government for the government subsidies that helped pay for Facebook’s growth.

Facebook’s CEO was not available for an interview on Wednesday, and a spokesperson for Zuckerberg declined to comment on the tax news.

(Reporting by Dan Levine in New York; Editing by Andrew Hay)

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