Fox News says it has been approved to sell its ads on social media, according to new rules from the Federal Communications Commission

Fox News is among a group of media companies that are among a handful of media firms that have been approved by the Federal Communication Commission to sell their ads on Facebook and Twitter.

Fox News has been granted approval to sell ads on a range of platforms, including on Fox News.

The news network has not been required to submit to an online advertising program since it launched its digital TV business in 2015, but the move by the FCC means that it can now sell ads to advertisers on these platforms. 

The news channel’s move follows a decision by Fox News to launch an ad buy in 2018 for advertisers that were already on Facebook.

Fox’s ad buy will also allow it to expand its reach on Twitter and other social media platforms, according the company.

“The news networks have been granted a license to sell digital ad buys on Facebook, Twitter and Google to help us reach new audiences and engage with our customers, including women, Latinos, young people and voters,” Fox News Vice President of News and Media Dan Meyer said in a statement.

“This new deal will help us better connect with our audience and engage more directly with our communities.”

The news group will also receive a commission for advertising on the platforms, which the FCC defines as those with at least one million unique visitors a month.

It also will receive a fee for all advertising that is displayed on those platforms.

The decision is the latest in a series of moves by the U.S. Federal Communications Commissions to roll back its anti-money laundering rules, which critics say are too lenient for Internet companies and allow them to avoid paying for ads on their platforms.

A number of other news organizations have also been approved for the sale of ads on the social media giants. 

News organizations have been required since the FCC’s first anti-trust order in the mid-1990s to obtain an advertising license, which requires them to sell at least 10 percent of their advertising revenue on the major platforms.

That licensing requirement was put in place in order to protect companies like Comcast, which was trying to expand into new digital video markets.

The FCC said it approved the news networks’ applications for the online advertising license because it believes the groups have the financial resources to comply with the new rules and that they will be able to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google. 

In an email to The Associated Press, a Fox News spokesman said the network will comply with its license requirements.

The agency said it will review the applications and determine whether it has the financial means to make them.

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