How to get a fake church advertisement on Twitter

A group of fake churches is advertising their ads on Twitter and Facebook, a trend that began in October of last year, according to the New York Times.

The group is known as the Evangelical Fellowship of America, or EFA, and they are now listed as a “hate group” on Facebook.

The EFA group was founded by an evangelical pastor named John Green.

It’s been the subject of numerous investigations by law enforcement, including one in which the FBI determined that Green was not a member of the group.

The groups ads are a mix of videos, photographs, and texts that are not meant to be taken literally.

Some are actually designed to scare and exploit the viewer, according the New Yorker, which cited the group’s Facebook page as saying that “a great many” of the videos are “inaccurate or deceptive.”

A video from the group shows two women in burkas discussing a woman they suspect is “a witch,” a reference to the ancient belief that witches were involved in evil.

The video is titled “The Witch of the West,” and it depicts a woman in a burka, standing next to a white woman in robes, with her head shaved, her hands behind her back.

The women then discuss whether or not they are in possession of a witch’s hood, which can be seen as a symbol of protection and power.

The woman in the burka then claims to be a witch and says she’s a “white lady” who has “tried to get me pregnant” to “get back at me.”

The group claims that the woman who wears the hood “needs to get pregnant again.”

The videos show the woman wearing the hood being interrogated, and her claims that she’s “the mother of Jesus” are echoed in a verse from the Gospel of Luke.

The man is then seen talking with the woman, and the man is heard saying, “Who are you?”

The woman is then shown standing next the man, saying, She’s a witch, and she’s trying to get him pregnant again.

She’s trying, and I know it because she’s telling me that.

The men and women in the video are also shown kneeling in front of a black-and-white photo of Jesus, and then the man and woman are shown kneeling on the ground, looking up to heaven.

In the video, a woman is shown in front the man who has been accused of being a witch in the Bible, and he asks, “Do you believe in witchcraft?”

The man then responds, “No, I don’t.”

The video ends with the man kneeling and saying, I’m sorry.

According to the Times, the group has more than 2 million followers on Facebook, with a few million more on YouTube.

The videos have become so popular that they’ve received hundreds of thousands of views, according CNN.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has called them a “threat to civil liberties.”

The Southern Baptist Convention has also condemned the group, noting that it’s “demonizing, demonizing and abusing our young people, who have been exposed to a culture of false belief, fear, and hatred.”

The FBI also found that the group had “an active presence on Facebook and Twitter.”

A spokesperson for the EFA said that the church has a “very good relationship with law enforcement,” adding that “the people that are promoting these videos are not the ETAA.”

However, a spokesperson for EFA told CNN that the groups ads do not belong on the group as it has “no affiliation with any church.”

The spokesperson said that EFA does not endorse hate speech, but that they will work with law-enforcement agencies to address hate-based advertising, “and will continue to engage with them on this issue.”

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