How to stop a fake ad from spreading in your Facebook feed

By now, you’ve probably seen ads like this one: “I want a man in a suit and tie.

I like to be treated with respect.”

You might even have clicked through to see what the ad meant.

You probably even saw it once.

But the ad you clicked on may have been a fake, and it’s no longer showing up on your Facebook News Feed.

This fake advertisement has been around since early 2015, but it has only become more prominent in recent weeks.

According to Facebook, fake ads account for less than 1 percent of the ads it has seen.

“It’s a fairly simple way of deceiving people,” Facebook VP of News Feed, Brian Schmitz, told Business Insider.

“We have to look at the content of the ad, not the wording of the message.”

So how do you know a fake article is real?

You can check the authenticity of a user’s posts and other posts by looking at a user “liking” or “disliking” a post, or looking at the user’s profile.

“When you look at people’s activity and how they interact with the News Feed or interact with other users, we can identify whether they’re fake,” Schmitis said.

Facebook uses a number of other techniques to tell if an article is genuine, but those tools don’t work in every case.

Facebook uses a combination of information gathered from people like you and people who interact with your News Feed to help identify if a user is likely to be fake.

This article has been updated to reflect the latest developments in this story.

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