New $10 million ad deal with video-on-demand platform, AdMob article New video-based ad platform AdMob has entered into a multi-million dollar multi-year deal with, with the launch of the platform on Friday.

The deal is expected to see AdMob advertising revenue double from the first quarter of 2019 to $2.6 million, with revenue in the first three months of 2020 expected to be $5.3 million.

The platform is currently available in more than 200 countries and territories.

AdMob said it would use the revenue to expand its mobile-first ad platform, adding it is “looking forward to expanding its presence across the digital advertising landscape”.

The deal comes after’s acquisition of the News. brand and News.


AdMob is a platform for advertising content on mobile devices, and was launched last year by Mediaworks Media Group.

News Media Group said the News AdMob platform would be the largest ad platform for mobile users in the country.

News Admob said it expects to spend between $1.5 billion and $1 billion in its first year of operation, and that it would be “the largest advertising platform in New Zealand.”

The launch of AdMob was a major coup for News Media, who bought News.

Admob for $2 billion in May 2018.

Advertisers are now able to get the ad experience that News Media is known for by partnering with the New Zealand-based media company.

“We are excited to be joining forces with News Media and we are looking forward to building the platform with them, we are committed to providing our clients with the best mobile advertising experience possible,” News Media chief executive Steve Jones said.

AdSense is a digital ad platform used by more than 1 billion publishers in the world.

It was founded in 2015 and provides publishers with a payment model that allows them to deliver targeted advertising to the millions of people who subscribe to their digital platform.

Adsense chief executive David Hodge said the move was an “opportunity to grow our business and deliver a great product for advertisers”.

AdSense said it had invested $500 million in AdMob and said it has invested “in further growth” in the platform.

“AdMob and AdSense will continue to work closely together and we look forward to delivering an experience for our clients that is as simple as possible for them to use,” AdSense CEO Steve Jones told, adding that the company would be offering “faster and more cost-effective advertising”.

AdMob had previously been a subsidiary of News Media.

The News Media group bought News AdMvc in May 2019 for $1bn.

It had previously made deals with AdSense and other media companies including The New York Times and Reuters to launch ad-supported apps.

News reported last week it had sold AdMob to Mediaworks, which had made a bid to buy News Media last year.

News and AdMob did not respond to a request for comment.

Advertising revenue The New Zealand Media Group also announced that it had signed a deal with the company to launch an ad-free version of its AdSense product, AdSense TV.

The agreement with Mediaworks follows a year-long partnership between AdSense, News and Mediaworks.

News said the deal with AdMob would provide the company with the ad-driven platform that it has long been searching for.

“The new deal with MediaWorks is a significant step forward in building an ad ecosystem that is focused on delivering an ad experience to advertisers who value its simplicity and ease of use,” Jones said in a statement.

News had already signed deals with the likes of The New Yorker, The New Statesman and the Sydney Morning Herald.

News also announced plans to build its AdMV platform for the Australian market.

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