New TV adverts from the UK advertising networks top 20

UK advertising companies have been busy this week promoting their TV ads and they are likely to have been the most effective at reaching the right audiences. 

Here are the top 20 UK advertising channels. 


Channel Nine – Channel Nine is one of the most widely used UK advertising services. 


ITV – ITV has the most advertising budgets in the UK and their advertising campaigns are among the most successful in the world. 


Viacom – Viacam’s TV advertising budget is the second highest in the EU behind the UK’s Channel 5. 


Sainsbury’s – Sainsburys’ advertising budget of £20m is more than twice as much as Channel 5’s. 


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – The ASA has been criticised for its poor quality control and poor oversight of advertising spending. 


Adex – Adex is a British-based advertising network that has the highest budget for advertising in the European Union and is also one of Britain’s largest media companies. 


Virgin Media – Virgin Media is one the most prominent British TV advertisers and it has the third largest ad budget in the country behind Channel 5 and Channel 6. 


LendingTree – Lendingtree is a leading lender of lending in the United Kingdom, with £1.8bn in loans to British banks and commercial borrowers in 2017. 


Adele – Adele is a major British pop singer and she is an important figure in the music industry. 


RBS – RBS is one for the big brands and its advertising budget was £1bn in 2017 and its revenues from UK TV advertising were £2.5bn. 


Salford City Bank – Salfords ad budget is more expensive than any other bank in the nation and the bank has more adverts on the Tube than any British bank. 


SIPA – SIPAs advertising budget for 2017 was £8m, which is more money than any major British bank and more than any UK advertising network. 


Vodafone – Vodacom is a UK mobile phone company and its ad budget for TV advertising was £7.5m in 2017, more than double the amount of advertising the company spent on the tube. 


PWC – PWC is one that is often linked to the big telecoms companies.

Its advertising budget in 2017 was more than £8 million and its revenue from UK advertising was more money. 


Royal Bank of Scotland – Royal Bank has the largest advertising budget and it spent £8.5 million on TV advertising. 


Asda – Asda is the largest supermarket chain in the U.

K and their ad budget was more expensive in 2017 than any American company. 


The Royal Mail – The Royal Post is the biggest British mail carrier and their advertisement budget was nearly £1 billion in 2017 for the UK. 18.

The Economist Intelligence Unit – The Economist intelligence unit is one UK business that is widely criticised. 


BBC – BBC is the leading British television advertiser and the BBC ad budget exceeded £7 million for the second year in a row in 2017 according to Advertising Standards Agency (AS) data. 


ITV ad spending has been very low this year and is likely to fall back to the mid- to low-teens in 2018.

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