New York TV ad network launches with $5 million in new funding

PlayStation Network, a media company owned by Sony Corp., and Adelphia Wireless, which launched in December, have joined forces to launch a new ad network called AdelPH, the company said Tuesday.

The ad network will be powered by the same platform that powers Sony TV, and will provide a way for people to watch commercials and ads on both platforms, the ad network said in a news release.

AdelPh will have ad placements on the PlayStation Network and the Adelph mobile app, the release said.

Sony TV launched in February and Adelsph in November.

Adelsphia, a new media company, is based in Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in New York City.

“PlayStation Network is an incredible platform for advertisers, and AdELPH is the first of its kind to use PlayStation Network to deliver ads,” Sony TV said in the release.

Sony said it has raised $5.5 million to develop AdelPens and AdellPH.

Sony and Adelson said the ad networks will be available in the next several weeks, and the two companies said the partners are aiming to have the ad programs live by the end of the year.

Advertisers will have a chance to see the ad placement in action when they can visit AdelPG, the platform’s mobile app.

Sony Television is one of Sony’s top pay-TV providers, with about 1.3 million households and about 1 million subscribers, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Adelson, whose net worth is estimated at about $100 billion, is also the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

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