‘No way’: The fight over digital advertising continues in Alberta

On the surface, the Alberta government is trying to sell digital advertising, and that’s what the digital advertising networks (DANs) are talking about.

They want to be heard and to be allowed to compete.

And they say they don’t have the money to do that.

The issue is that it’s not a simple task to sell advertising on a digital platform, and advertisers have a long list of complaints about the way digital advertising is sold.

So how do you sell digital ads to advertisers?DAN representatives are hoping to have a new system in place this week that will allow them to make that case.

“We believe that the industry can make better business decisions when it comes to digital advertising,” said DAN president Mike Zadroga.

“It’s a really important issue, and we’ve been trying to get that discussion going in the province, and it’s been very frustrating.”

The DANs are not alone in their concerns.

It’s been years since the advertising industry in Alberta was even talking about digital advertising.

The current system is confusingThe issue isn’t new.

In a 2013 report by the Canadian Association of Advertising Agencies, the digital ad industry had warned that digital advertising in Alberta is confusing.

“Digital advertising needs to be a lot more clear about what’s being advertised and why,” the report said.

“We’re very clear about where the advertising should be targeted.

We need to have more clarity on what ads should be delivered to different audiences, and how they should be displayed.”

It was the perfect opportunity to talk about digital ads, but the province decided to delay the review until after the election.

It didn’t get it done.

Digital advertising is still an underdeveloped market for the advertising industries, but Zadruga says the industry is ready to put up its hands and negotiate a new deal.

“I think this is a great opportunity to get to a conclusion.

I don’t think the ad industry is going to have the ability to get this done,” he said.

The province says it is working with the industry to come up with a better model to sell ads on the digital platforms, and the new rules are scheduled to come into effect next month.

Zadrogal says the DAN is hoping to see a new solution by March.

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