Australian ad network to move to China after ad-blockers strike

Posted April 09, 2018 13:37:24 Australia’s ad-tech company iAd has agreed to move its advertising network to China amid escalating political tensions between the United States and China, according to people familiar with the matter.iAd, a joint venture of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.and Adelphia Media Holdings Ltd., was set to begin operations in the Chinese […]

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The ad network that pays its ads for you to avoid bad weather

The ad networks pay their advertisers to post ads in ways that allow people to avoid the weather.That’s why people who buy a car insurance policy on the internet will find a better deal than someone who pays for their car in person. What’s going on? Advertisers pay companies to post links to the websites where their […]

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What are the key factors for how ESPN ratings are distributed?

This article was written by’s Mike Wells, and it originally appeared on ESPN.The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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How to build your own advertising network

You can create a network of advertising products to be sold on the Internet.In this article, we will look at the different kinds of products that you can build.Advertising products can be any type of online advertising that is offered to consumers.For example, you can advertise products on your website, or you can create an […]

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What’s in a name? Here’s a guide to NHL’s ‘Bounty’ program

The NHL’s “Bounty” program has become a source of controversy and intrigue in recent months, with the league issuing a statement to the media on Wednesday saying that players would not be rewarded for scoring goals, even though the league said in April it would provide “a minimum amount” of $2,500 for a player to […]

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