Why some sites might have to pay more to be included in network advertising network

Some sites and publishers will be paying extra to be considered part of the network advertising industry’s advertising network.Key points:Network advertising network lists websites, blogs and other content that can be accessed by ad networks in an ad campaign.The lists are managed by a third party which then creates the network ad network list.The content […]

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What is geolocating?

Geolocation is the process of identifying where people are, in relation to other people, by using a device.There are several ways of using it.Some devices are able to do it, but they require a lot of information about where the user is.For example, if a GPS device is used, it can pick up a few […]

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Christian Advertising Network is getting a new home

A new Canadian company that advertises on Google is getting new headquarters in Vancouver, hoping to create a market for its own online ads.Geo.ly advertises its products as “God’s Own Brand” on Google Maps and Facebook, and hopes to offer more than $3 billion worth of advertising in Canada by 2019, according to a recent […]

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How an ad network got $2 million from a big tech firm

A big tech company was one of several advertisers bidding for an ad space in the first edition of the new year, and that company has received a lucrative bump in revenue.Agency Revenues From Ad Networks in 2015 A record number of advertisers and ad agencies spent $1.4 billion on ads in the second quarter […]

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Which is the best ad network for cannabis advertising?

AdCash is the most popular cannabis advertising platform.The network uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend products and services to its users, according to the company.The system is a “natural extension” of a company’s network of network operators, said the company’s chief executive, Richard Lai.The company uses machine learning to predict which products and service are […]

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