Why do people use the Cartoon Network ad network?

I’m happy to report that people are using the Cartoon network ad network.A study published in April 2018 found that the network’s ad platform has a 70% reach rate, while users spent an average of $17 on each ad.In comparison, ad networks like Adwords and Bing AdWords account for just a 2% and 6% share […]

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Aussie company to buy US advertising network with $200M financing

Updated May 06, 2019 12:00:54A new US-based advertising company is poised to acquire the advertising services company behind Twitter’s ad networks.Key points:Twitter has a large ad network in Australia, including its flagship ad platform, and it uses these platforms to drive engagement on social mediaThe deal will see Twitter’s advertising arm take on the ad […]

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Twitter Ad Networks: Ad Network Advertising Network, Cookies Network Advertising Networks, Twitter Ads Network, Ad-Free Networks

Newsweek – Twitter Advertising Network: Ads are now a central part of our advertising network and are a core part of how we earn revenue.This is a significant change to our ad network strategy.Now, ads are a central piece of our overall marketing strategy and they are not the only piece of advertising we offer.Advertisers […]

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The most powerful advertisers in the world are all in the same place: The internet

Most advertisers in their right mind would have an idea of where they stand, but that doesn’t mean they’re on the same level.We’re talking about big brands, not the lesser-known ones, and that’s because they’re all vying for the same audience.There’s no shortage of ad networks, and it’s no coincidence that most of the companies […]

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How to get a fake church advertisement on Twitter

A group of fake churches is advertising their ads on Twitter and Facebook, a trend that began in October of last year, according to the New York Times.The group is known as the Evangelical Fellowship of America, or EFA, and they are now listed as a “hate group” on Facebook.The EFA group was founded by […]

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