The Biggest Brand Trends of 2018

The Big 3 brands are taking the leap to video, with the introduction of BGP-integrated advertising networks.

These networks will allow advertisers to reach consumers through a combination of mobile apps and desktop advertising.BGP is a set of protocols that allow online services to share data with each other and to provide an ad-based user experience.

It’s essentially a set the data that the companies can use to show the user what they’re seeing.

This has led to some interesting results in the ad space.

Google recently released the AdWords for BGP video ad platform, and AdExcel recently announced a BGP ad network that was able to make video ads work on platforms that don’t support the BGP protocol.

These companies will be able to reach new audiences with the advent of these platforms.

And with BGP, these audiences will be much more connected to their brands.

The big question is whether these brands will embrace the move, which is understandable.

If their users want to see more ads on their devices, they will want to do so.

But if their users are more interested in the products they’re purchasing, they might be more willing to pay for those ads on a BEP network.

If they want to watch ads while on the go, they’ll be more likely to opt for video over desktop.

For consumers, the switch is the same.

They’ll want to stay connected to all their devices to make sure they’re getting the best ads and that they’re not missing out on something.

It’ll be an interesting decision for the industry to make over the next few years.

But even as the transition from desktop to mobile has been happening, the transition to video has been less seamless.

For a number of reasons, video has seen a steady decline in the past several years.

The first of which is that people are starting to ditch traditional TV, leaving their mobile devices for something more convenient.

The other major factor is that video is becoming more and more complex to consume on mobile devices.

Many people are choosing to watch content in the browser, which can be quite cumbersome.

This means that the amount of information that a viewer is able to access from a video source is not necessarily the same as the amount that a user can access from the browser.

This means that as we see the proliferation of mobile video content, there is going to be a big shift to mobile apps.

While video ads will continue to appear on desktop platforms, apps will likely start taking a bigger share of the advertising space.

As apps are able to provide a more user-friendly experience, more brands will want their products to be featured in the apps of their choice.

The shift to video is going ahead in all sorts of ways.

But there’s one thing that’s going to have an effect on the overall consumer experience: the video ads.

According to a new study conducted by AdWeek, only one third of consumers are going to want to go through the trouble of watching videos.

And when they do watch video, they’re likely going to choose from a variety of devices.

The next step in the transition will be for these brands to start paying for these videos, which will mean that they will start getting paid for the content that they show.

This will result in a huge boost in revenue for the companies involved.

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