What you need to know about ad networks

The top three networks in Canada spent more than $30 million on banner ads in 2016, according to the most recent figures available from Ad Age, an ad industry publication.

The three biggest players in Canada are Canadian Tire, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Rogers.

The four largest ad networks in the country collectively spent more money than any other advertiser on advertising in 2016.

The five largest ad companies in Canada were Allstream, AdSense, adXchange and TPG Media.

The top five ad networks on Canada’s main network in 2016: Canadian Tire $15.5 million Rogers $10.9 million Rogers Media $8.7 million Allstream $6.7 to $6 million TPG $6 to $5 million AllStream Media $5.4 million Canadian Media Group $4.9 to $4 million TELUS $3.4 to $3 million B.C. Media $3 to $2 million BMG Canada $2.9 for $2M Canadian Media Network $1.6 for $1M Canadian Broadcast Media $1 to $1 million Bell Media $0.8 to $0,5M TEL US $0 to $100,000 Canadian Broadcast TV $0 or less $0 Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission $0 for $0M The top six ad networks spent more on banner advertising in Canada than any of the three major Canadian advertising networks: Allstream Media $20 million Rogers/Rogers Media $16.5 to $12 million Allspark Media $10 million TEGT $8 million Canadian Broadcasting Corp $6,000 to $7 million CBC/Radio-Canada $5,000 or less MediaWorks $4,000 and under MediaWorks Canada $3,000 for $3M Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Corporation $2,000 in 2018, 2019 and 2020 Canadian Broadcast Corp $1,000 MediaWorks Inc. $800 to $10,000 TVA Communications Inc. in 2018 MediaWorks International Inc. as of September 2018 Canadian Radio Network $100 to $250 MediaWorks Radio Canada Inc. MediaWorks MediaWorks as of 2018 Canadian Broadcast Group Inc. TVA Global Inc. and TVA Canada Inc as of October 2018 CBC News Network $250 to $500 MediaWorks Global TVAs as of August 2018 Canada’s largest TV advertising network was Rogers Communications.

The company spent $2 billion in 2016 on its Canadian advertising network.

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