What you need to know about privacy in the new Apple iOS 8 ad-blocking app

By MARK ROBERTSBY, Associated PressAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — iOS 8’s privacy settings will allow advertisers to track users’ online behavior and track the browsing history of users across the internet, a change that’s set to make Apple’s mobile operating system a privacy juggernaut.

The privacy settings of iOS 8 allow advertisers and other users to set their own privacy preferences, and the change is set to be released on Thursday.

The feature has long been a favorite among privacy advocates and privacy experts who say the feature opens up the potential for advertisers to create targeted ads for specific groups, such as political candidates.

The new privacy settings allow Apple to track user behavior and tracking history across the web.

If you use the Apple app, you can opt out of this data collection.

If the app is installed on a device, you must disable this tracking if you want to use this feature.

The change comes as Apple’s new operating system is expected to be adopted by a majority of the world’s mobile devices by the end of the year.

Apple said it’s launching iOS 8 on Friday, in part to give consumers time to adjust to the new privacy features.

The Apple app will be updated to include a new setting that will allow users to turn off the data collection feature.

Users will be able to choose to turn it off or enable it on.

Apple is introducing the privacy settings as part of its new iOS 8 update, which is scheduled for release later this year.

The iOS 8 upgrade will be available on all devices running iOS 8.

Apple said iOS 8 will allow its users to opt out from tracking.

Privacy advocates and technologists have long been concerned about the privacy risks associated with the tracking of internet users’ data.

The tracking of data in the Apple apps has long drawn criticism from privacy advocates who say it’s a way for advertisers and marketers to collect data without the knowledge of users.

Apple’s privacy policy states that users can opt-out of the tracking if they choose.

The company also noted that the new iOS settings will only apply to the app and not to other apps, such a calendar app or a shopping app.

Privacy experts and privacy advocates are concerned that Apple may be targeting a particular group of users based on their online behavior, rather than the broader interests of all users.

The company said it would provide more details about the new settings in a future iOS update.

Apple has been working to improve its privacy practices and improve the overall experience for users.

In April, the company began rolling out an iOS update that would allow users and advertisers to opt-in to data collection by tracking cookies on their devices.

Apple has since rolled out a series of privacy updates to improve privacy on iPhones and iPads, and its privacy policies have been revised to address privacy concerns over data collection and tracking.

Apple also launched its Privacy Badger program to help users opt-outs of data collection from third parties.

The new privacy setting will allow Apple users to choose which apps they want to be notified of the data Apple collects.

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