What’s in a name? Here’s a guide to NHL’s ‘Bounty’ program

The NHL’s “Bounty” program has become a source of controversy and intrigue in recent months, with the league issuing a statement to the media on Wednesday saying that players would not be rewarded for scoring goals, even though the league said in April it would provide “a minimum amount” of $2,500 for a player to be awarded with a $1,000 bounty.

The league initially announced the bounty program, which the league called a “one-time” offer, in June and announced it would reward players up to $500,000 for every goal they scored, as well as for each assist they received.

But the program has since expanded to include the use of a $10,000, one-time bounty for every player who has at least five points.

Players with three or more points will be rewarded a maximum of $10 and up.

While the “Breeze” program, as it is commonly referred to, has been criticized as a form of payback and unfair to the players who haven’t made it past the first round of the playoffs, the NHL has defended the program as an effort to help teams improve.

The NHLPA, which is representing the players, said the program will help to bring the league’s broadcast revenue into the “black” market, and that it is an important tool for the league to “support its teams.”

The league’s announcement on Wednesday said that the bounty is a “part of our continued commitment to improving our business and to working with our players to address issues in our business, including through a number of initiatives that will help our players and fans.”

The NHL’s announcement also noted that the “bounty” will be distributed among the league “all season long,” but that the league would not provide any information about when the bounty would expire.

In addition, the league will not provide further details about the program to any individual players or teams.

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