When is wifi ad network not a wifi network?

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the wireless advertising network that helps brands advertise on websites and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter is not a wireless network, even though the devices they use to transmit the ads could be.

The network, called Wi-Fi Network Advertising, or WNA, is used to display ads in websites and mobile applications.

The network is also used to sell advertisements on the devices that connect to it.

The Globe is reporting the network, which is run by a company called Datalink, is not part of a network, and it was not available for comment.

According to The Globe, the network is currently being used to advertise on Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube.

However, The Globe reported that this was not the case.

In fact, there were no ads placed on those sites when they were using the network.

This was reported by a Globe staffer who spoke with the company.

The reporter, who requested anonymity to speak freely, said that the network was a wireless device that was connecting to a router, and the ads would be displayed on the device that the device was connected to.

The staffer added that while it was possible that ads could still be placed on devices connected to the network via the router, they were not.

When reached by email, Datalank confirmed that ads were being displayed on devices, but did not respond to questions about the network’s status.

The Globe also reported that it was unclear whether ads could now be placed by connecting to the Wi-FI network using a wireless modem.

Datalinking said that ads would appear on devices that have been connected to Wi-fi using the same device, but that they could not be placed if the device did not have a Wi-amp router.

Datalink did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and in an email to The New York Times, a spokesperson for Datalinks said the network had not yet been officially announced.

The spokesperson said Datalinks work with partners to make sure the network remains secure and is operational.

Dialink also did not provide an update on when ads could no longer be displayed in its network.

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