Which networks are paying for TV ads? | New York Times

By NICOLE GRAVES and MARK WOLLMAN New YorkTimes.comSeptember 24, 2018–The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the National Association for Broadcasters and Television (NABT) have announced a partnership to develop a network advertising program that will provide a more integrated, unified and flexible way for broadcasters to engage with the American people and provide the best possible news for them.

The program will begin with a three-year pilot program and then expand to more than 40 markets, the networks announced Thursday.

The program will be developed in partnership with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and will also be overseen by the U-Sec.

of Commerce.NAB Executive Director John A. Sweeney said that this partnership is important to all Americans.

We are proud to be partners with the NAB and the U of S for this important partnership.

This partnership will help us expand our reach to all consumers and reach out to the American public, Sweeney said.

The two organizations are working together to promote digital media, and both groups will support a broad array of new technologies, including the next generation of smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets and other new technologies that will enable greater engagement with the people of the United States.

“It is important that we engage with our audience, and we have to be able to reach them through technology,” Sweeney said in a statement.

“We believe that the most important tool for reaching the American audience is the digital platform that will bring the best information to them.”

The NAB is a trade group representing more than 30 broadcast, cable and satellite television, radio and digital media companies.

The NAB was created in 1970 to provide the public with a voice in the decisions that affect their entertainment and economic security.

Its members include broadcast, satellite and cable television networks, movie studios, sports networks, cable television, online and broadcast advertising, television distribution companies and television broadcasters.NABT Executive Director David W. McLean said the NABS and NABT are working with the National Broadcasting Co., Inc., the National Cable Television Association, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the American Radio Relay League to develop the network advertising.NABS President Mark Sullivan said the companies will partner to help promote and protect consumers, increase access to the best content and enhance their business.NABN and NAB plan to invest more than $500 million in new technologies and more than 100 new ad campaigns to promote more digital content and to expand the reach of the broadcast news and the network news, Sullivan said.

“We want to be the digital news platform that can deliver the best news for our consumers, and it’s about putting the power in the hands of our viewers to engage and engage with us on the Internet,” Sullivan said in the statement.

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