Why are all the YouTube ads in the first place?

In this week’s IGN First, IGN staff writers discuss the history of the ads in YouTube and why they’ve become so prevalent on the site.


Why YouTube has such an insane amount of ads in every section, and why do you think this has changed?

1.1 YouTube ads are everywhere in every single area.

It’s a massive, massive waste of time and money to create ads that are in every area.

Why does that matter?

1) YouTube is an extremely big, multi-billion dollar company.

They can do what they want with all of the time they have.


What’s the difference between a “banners” ad and a “video” ad?

What’s their purpose?

2.2 The banner ad, which you can see here, is a small banner that is placed on top of an article that is either an infographic, video, a video short, or anything else.

It might also be a picture of a person or something.


Why do all of these banner ads have to be in every video?

Why are they all placed in the same video?

3.1 They all need to be.

If you want to have a banner ad on your video, you have to have one on top.

If the video has a lot of banners, you can get away with putting a few on the side.


How does a banner advertising company decide which video to use?

What do they need to know about the video to get a good banner?

4.1 When we were designing our video, we were thinking of what we wanted the video’s title to be, and then we were going to have our video set up.

At that point, we started thinking about the number of banners that were going on.

We had a bunch of different banners that we were considering, but then we found out that most of the banner ads were being placed in video clips that were very short and had very little content.

They were just a few of the many types of banner ads that we had.

4,2 When you’re building an infographic that has lots of banners on top, what do you do when the number one banner in the video isn’t there?

What does it take to get the right one?

4,3 There are multiple reasons that people want to use a banner in their videos.

But, the most important thing is that the banner should be placed at the very beginning of the video, so that viewers can see that the video is about the topic at hand.


Why are banner ads in many different places?

What is the purpose of a banner ads?

5.1 A banner is an advertisement that tells people to look for an information.

That’s not the most exciting or the most interesting thing about banner ads, but it’s a pretty important thing.

They’re a great way to get information to people, so it makes sense that they should be everywhere.

5,2 But it’s important to note that a banner is not the only place where people want a banner.

Sometimes, people also want to click on a link that leads to an article on YouTube, or a YouTube video that’s related to the topic of the article, or even a Google search.

You can see them all on the banner.

5:20 Why are banners everywhere?

5:21 When people have banners in their video, it’s not as if they’re actually watching the video.

They have to go to YouTube, go to their browser, and look up the article or video. 5

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